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The Hague City Branding

Building a City Brand: Resilience and Impact

Brand Strategy for The Hague

Supporting the Ambition

The Hague & Partners (TH&P) were launched to support the ambition of the city to raise its profile as an international destination in tourism, events, and leisure.

We were commissioned to develop a brand strategy and help with the implementation of the branding across three marketing organisations.

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The Hague

Analysis First

The main objective of the brand strategy was to develop an approach that would allow for a consistent, confident and well-organised expansion of the existing brand. As a first step, we conducted extensive analysis of the current use of the brand. This helped to reveal inconsistencies and functional weaknesses that the branding could face in its existing format if it were to undergo further expansion.

The analysis led to a set of recommendations that were later implemented in the development stage of the project.

Resilience as a Brand Quality

In city branding, consistency and resilience are some of the main qualities to pursue. This is because the branding must represent the city on a wide range of platforms and be relatable to a diverse target group.

In the development of the city brand for The Hague, we aimed to create a set of tools that would enable such consistency and yet provide our client with enough visual vocabulary to be playful and to evolve.

The Hague City Branding
The Hague is a city whose subtle qualities are like the many facets of a diamond. They reveal themselves when they hit a spotlight – but always in balance with the rest.
– The Hague & Partners Brandbook
The Hague City Branding

Brand Development

The development of the brand involved the design of the brand sign-off, typography, corporate logos, and colour palette. These elements were extensively tested across a large variety of materials, with the goal to make the brand applicable on the national and international market. This resulted in the production of a detailed brand book.

Brand Implementation

In order to kick-start the implementation of the brand, we designed an extensive list of products: from the tourist information booth and merchandise to the city guide book and corporate reporting materials.

The Hague City Branding

About TH&P

The Hague & Partners is the official marketing organisation for the promotion of leisure, conferences, and business developments in The Hague. It is made up by three entities: The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau en The Hague Business Agency

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