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The Hague Awards

Event Communication for a Show with Many Firsts

The Hague Awards Event Design


The Hague & Partners (TH&P) aimed to launch their organisation into existence with a powerful show – including the first ever The Hague Awards. Three awards were to be handed out to special initiatives and projects that benefit the city.

We were tasked with event design and supported the entire process of the live award show. A great opportunity to exercise the best of our multidisciplinary comms & design skills.

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The Hague Awards

A Destination with History

Destination marketing requires a well thought-out and thoroughly integrated strategy. The Hague decided to go for it, bringing its three official marketing organisations under one umbrella: The Hague & Partners. Together, they are ready to make their city an award-winning success!

Setting the Tone

One of the main objectives for the launch of TH&P as well as for The Hague Awards was to set a tone of voice that would be powerful enough to carry the event through to its future editions. We helped the event to find its tone of voice, both visually and in terms of communication messaging – ensuring consistency throughout.


The assignments we undertook in the 6-month trajectory of this project were numerous. Here are some of the highlights.

The Hague Awards
The Hague Awards

Venue Dressing

The event took place in the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. We branded the venue in a way that supported the launch of the organisation and The Awards show.

The Hague Awards

Narrative & Animation

How do you broadcast a convincing message about the launch of a new organisation and inspire people to believe in its ambition? By showing them an onboarding animation!

The Hague Awards

Event Communication

To turn the launch of TH&P into a success, we offered 360° support before, during, and after the event. The tight collaboration with the organisation ensured agility and efficiency throughout the project.

About TH&P

The Hague & Partners is the official marketing organisation for the promotion of leisure, conferences, and business developments in The Hague. It is made up by three entities: The Hague Marketing Bureau, The Hague Convention Bureau and The Hague Business Agency

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