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The Hague Hearing Centre

Building a Strong Case for The Hague Hearing Centre

A Winning Brand Strategy

A Modern Brand in a Traditional World

The Municipality of The Hague asked us to establish a modern and innovative branding for The Hague Hearing Centre (THHC). A branding that makes them stand out from their well-established competitors in the traditional world of law and arbitration.

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The Hague Hearing Centre

The Grounds

Nowadays, more and more disputes get settled outside of courtrooms. The parties involved agree to settle their dispute through an arbitration procedure, which often takes place in designated hearing venues. To meet this increasing demand, The Hague Business Agency, New Babylon, and the Municipality of The Hague joined forces and launched The Hague Hearing Centre (THHC) in March 2018.

Solving a Puzzle

The world of law and arbitration is a world that is governed by strict rules. Each dispute represents a unique puzzle which needs to be resolved methodically, and perspective is key to success. We incorporated these aspects in the concept for the new brand and gave them a modern twist to make THHC stand out in the traditional world it operates in.

Exhibit A: Logo

The graphic component illustrates the different perspectives that need to be considered during disputes. They are carefully positioned to create tension and to highlight the balance necessary for a successful resolution.

The Hague Hearing Centre
A brand is not a logo and it is not a house style. It is a system of tools and decisions that tell the organisation's story and help it evolve over time.

Exhibit B: Pattern

To communicate order and clarity in a subtle and elegant way, a pattern was added to the branding. It is a visual representation of the processes and the strict rules that take place in an arbitration. We visualised the processes involved in solving logical puzzles, which resulted in a set of symmetrical but non-repeating patterns.

The Hague Hearing Centre
The Hague Hearing Centre

Exhibit C: Brand Colours

The Hague is known as the International City of Peace & Justice: a perfect location for a hearing centre. To connect the brand to the city, we chose brand colours that were inspired by the city’s skyline.

Exhibit D: Website

Operating in a world with well-established competitors can be seen as a disadvantage, but you can also decide to use it as a strength. We opted for the latter and focused the content on the brand-new and state-of-the-art facilities, great accessibility of The Hague and the valuable partnerships of THHC.

The strong positioning, combined with the well-designed, intuitive website gives THHC the right tools to disrupt the traditional market and become the best hearing centre in Europe!

The Hague Hearing Centre

About THHC

The Hague Hearing Centre is a state-of-the-art facility for hosting arbitration and hearing proceedings, purpose-built to meet all the requirements. Their focus is on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Jurisdiction of the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

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