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Public Relations and City Marketing for a Convention Bureau

It’s not the Journey, but the Destination

A Narrative for the City

The Hague Convention Bureau (THCB) functions as the official marketing organisation for promoting The Hague as an outstanding event destination. We plan and execute their strategic public relations and city marketing efforts to support this premise on an international level.

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PR & Advertising

Competing for MICE

The competition within the MICE (meetings, incentives, congresses and events) industry is fierce. Event destinations all over the world compete for organisers’ and delegates’ attention, as their goodwill can result in both increase in reputation and excellent repeat business. THCB  plays a vital role in the city marketing of The Hague and has the ambitious goal of making it one of the world’s top 50 event destinations.

Finding the Right Angle

To promote The Hague and help THCB reach their goals, we proactively communicate the city’s unique profile and tailor our messages specifically to the target audiences of various media outlets. We highlight the specific strengths of The Hague instead of sharing general stories, and strategically target the press and significant trade media publishers.

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Public Relations

We update journalists by means of press releases and provide them with carefully researched, newsworthy content about The Hague and its city partners. This way we exploit free publicity opportunities to the fullest.

PR & Advertising

Advertising and City Marketing

To make sure that our content is valuable to the target audience, we work in close collaboration with the publishers. We link upcoming events, conferences, trends, initiatives and the city’s diverse knowledge clusters to their editorial calendars and key themes in focus. Expert interviews with city representatives and out-of-the-box angles provide valuable insights and create an impactful storyline.

PR & Advertising


We acknowledge the importance of building trusting relationships with key publishers in the MICE sector. By fostering a true spirit of cooperation, we stay up-to-date on industry trends and prospering advertising opportunities. Through regularly attending major trade media exhibitions, we nurture and enrich our valuable network.

About THCB

The Hague Convention Bureau is an independent marketing organisation, working under the umbrella of The Hague & Partners. It acts as a one-stop shop for all activities related to the planning and hosting of meetings and conferences in the city.

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