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Launching a State-of-the-Art Surgical Instrument

A Long-Term Relationship with Fortimedix

New Company, New Product

Our client Fortimedix Surgical was founded with the aim to challenge the status quo in laparoscopic surgery, by bringing new single-site instruments to the market. We helped them with communication, design and film – from establishing their company in the US market, to launching their first product symphonX in 2016. And the successful cooperation is still on-going.

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The Marketing Communication Strategy

When Fortimedix Surgical was founded as a high-tech subsidiary of Fortimedix, we were asked to develop a marketing strategy to raise awareness for the brand-new company and their first product: symphonX. To maximise the focus and the effect of the marketing efforts, we phased the project into pre- and post-launch communication. We analysed the market, identified the company’s and product’s strengths, ambitions, stakeholders, the marketing and communication objectives – and corresponding messages. Once the situation and context were described, we shaped a communication plan which translated the findings and recommendations into more specific action points.

The Website

To introduce the story of Fortimedix Surgical and symphonX to the US market, we created a website that communicates the company’s ambition, culture and values, and shaped a visual representation of these values.

Since the company is all about engineering precision, it was of great importance that the content and the designs of the website were exactly on point. We conducted a customer journey workshop and target audience analysis, which guided us in the development of the communication and visual strategy for the new website. To appeal to Fortimedix’ key opinion leaders (consisting of mainly surgeons), we implemented a bold and brave – yet modern, clear and approachable tone of voice.

The Instructions for Use (IFUs)

Designing, typesetting and organising the printing of the IFU was a very complex, multi-language project. It required high precision, as the accuracy and clarity of layout facilitate the ease of adoption of the device on first use. Something that is crucial when your product is a surgical instrument. The result was a set of extensive, highly detailed IFUs.

The Packaging

Unboxing is generally not an important part of the consumer experience when it comes to the world of surgery. Yet the client and we were convinced that the quality of packaging could have a great impact on how the product would be perceived, as it is the first point of contact with the instrument. Considering the amount of detail and stamina that went into the development of the surgical instrument itself, it was only logical to follow-up with packaging that underpins this. The result was a clean and spacious design that breathes elegance and ingeniousness. This packaging gives symphonX the high-end feel it deserves.

The Product Film

Fortimedix Surgical asked us to produce a promotional film for symphonX, including the creation of a storyboard, the script and voice-over, filming and post-production. The film would be used on the company website and at the booth of Fortimedix Surgical during trade fairs.

SymphonX is not only unique and incredibly innovative, it is also easy to use, and it enables surgeons to perform procedural steps ergonomically. These qualities are immediately experienced by a surgeon who tries the instrument. In the film we took on the challenge of making the benefits apparent to the viewers without having the opportunity to operate the instrument in person.

The Product Launch

Once Fortimedix Surgical received approval of the US and European authorities, symphonX was ready to be introduced to the market. The official product launch took place during the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Clinical Congress in Washington, D.C.

The product was launched at the booth of Fortimedix Surgical, which we designed specifically for this event. In addition to that, we created promotional materials such as posters and giveaways.

The Instructional Videos

We produced a series of videos that serve two different purposes. Firstly, they are used by the sales team to educate surgeons about the benefits that symphonX provides. The second goal of the videos is to instruct surgeons that chose to work with symphonX. By watching these videos, they learn how to use it: from assembly, to best practices, to disassembly. They are a clear and quick guide to help surgeons get acquainted with the instrument.

About Fortimedix Surgical

Fortimedix Surgical is a fast-growing medical device company with the ambition to inspire a new wave of technological advancement in the field of minimally invasive surgery. With a strong history as a global market leader in contract stent manufacturing, its parent company Fortimedix has been a trusted partner in the medical device industry for almost two decades.

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