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A Breath of Fresh Air

Informing and Activating Allergy Patients through Animation

One of the Most Common Chronic Diseases

Red eyes, a runny nose, sneezing: we all know people who suffer from hay fever. Not surprising, considering the fact that around 4 million people in the Netherlands suffer from airborne allergies. ALK, worldwide market leader in the field of allergy immunotherapy, asked us to produce an animation that raises awareness for these allergies and describes available treatments.

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The Impact

Allergies are often underestimated, since they don’t seem very severe at first glance. However, there can be serious consequences, both short and long-term. There’s a financial impact on society, due to a decrease in productivity, and an increase in absenteeism. But what’s even more distressing, is the way it affects the life of a patient. Fortunately, there are various treatments available to fight these allergies, but patients need to be well-educated about the options and willing to take action.


We developed a storyline that the viewer can easily relate to. In messaging and visuals, we brought to life a series of situations that allergy patients encounter daily. The creative possibilities of animation allowed us to clearly explain the various treatments and their characteristics, including those of immunotherapy treatment – which ALK develops.

Many people do not regard an airborne allergy as a serious matter. The animation was therefore also used to encourage patients to consult a doctor, so they can work towards improving their condition.


Empathic, realistic and relatable: these were the key objectives in producing the animation. Viewers had to clearly recognise the symptoms and understand their seriousness. Therefore it was important that the illustration style was appealing and realistic. The result is a beautiful animation that makes patients feel understood, and arms them with information that helps them to take action.

About ALK

ALK is a research-driven, global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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