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The Hague. It's closer than you think

Few people outside of The Netherlands know exactly where The Hague is located, despite the fact that the city is otherwise very well-known. We created an animation which reveals how easy it is to travel here.

The main target audience of our client are event organisers and one of their primary considerations for choosing an event destination is easy access to the city. It usually takes some explanation to show them that The Hague is an easy-to-reach destination, as it is not the capital of the country and doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

We created an animation that once and for all resolved any doubts about how close the city actually is to where the delegate is traveling from.

Our clients love the animation, as it covers all the questions and concerns that they may have about how easy it is to travel to The Hague. And we love it because it’s fun and also truly reflects the business event industry.

Nicole Becht

International Association Sales Manager

Meet the team

Event destination marketing series

The team of THCB is an ambitious one and much of their success comes from the excellent cooperation and alignment of effort. This short film shows just how great, driven and result-oriented they are.

As part of the promotion effort for the city as an event marketing destination, THCB has tasked us with making a series of films that showcase the expertise that the city has and how the city’s knowledge infrastructure can be used for successfully marketing event destinations.

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