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The voice of a patient

A series of short films and a live opening for an event

A powerful message

Every film demanded a different production technique as we found ourselves in diverse environments: from an emergency control center to the triathlon track and an intimate family home.

Working with people who were affected by a life-changing disease was an experience we cherish. It was important for us to help them tell their story in a way that felt natural and comfortable to them and put the film together in a manner that reflected their feelings and reality.


We worked in close collaboration with each of the patients, drawing on their ideas and adjusting to their feedback.

The art of living

Carpe diem

The main goal behind the opening of this event was to set a contemplative tone for the day, in juxtaposition to what would normally be expected in a celebratory anniversary performance.


The opening was composed of three parts, a film, a solo guitar performance and an essay authored and read out by a patient on stage. These parts interacted with each other, supporting the overall message, which also became the title of the performance: “The Art of Living”.


We were responsible for the production of all the elements of this performance, the rehearsal and its direction onsite.

This film tells the story of Martijn and his philosophy on living with cancer. He chooses to enjoy the high moments of his life to the fullest, grateful and fully conscious of everything that he can still do. He says goodbye to things that are no longer possible, and as this list expands, he continues to count his blessings and live in the “now”.


Martijn was a real pleasure to work with. It took a few days to shoot all the parts of the film and a lot of stamina on his behalf, but we are all very happy with the result.

Project survival

Going the distance

Mathieu’s passion for sport helps him fight cancer – his determination and commitment to triathlon is also a way to deal with the psychological effects of this disease. His story is that of strength, fragility and courage.


In order to bring the concept of this film to life we chose to shoot an interview in close-up with cut-ins from triathlon to illustrate the story. The film was played on a very large screen in a theatre, and the close-up enabled to reveal all the minute changes in the sentiment.

The story of Ad is all about regaining independence. He suffered an injury 15 years ago which resulted in paraplegia and a number of ensuing urological problems.


Ad used to be a paramedic nurse, and was able to retrain to get employment in a related field. He is not willing to settle for moderate quality of life. He innovates to make strides in his independence and to inspire other people to improve their lives.

Five years

Jeffrey had stage III kidney cancer for which he was operated almost five years ago. Now he is approaching the 5-year cancer-free milestone with a mix of feelings. While he feels happy about the success of his operation, especially as his prognosis was initially poor, he is also apprehensive as well as appreciative of the time that was gifted to him.


This film focused on the impact of a life-threatening disease on perception of one-self and the relationships with close ones.
The challenge was to portray a wide range of emotions that the family experienced over the last 5 years and to link it to their relationship
of today.

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