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Illustrating logistical services to help with medical needs

Prompting meetings with prospective customers

Medline offers a series of logistical services to hospitals and medical intuitions to alleviate the administrative and logistical workload for medical personnel.

These services are multifaceted, and not easily explained in an environment where the prospective customer is limited on time. Therefore, we needed decipher these complex services and present them in a simplified and clear manner for the viewer. As the goal of this film was to prompt a meeting between Medline sales representatives and prospective customers to discuss the benefits of using Medline’s services. The animation would also serve as a platform to introduce a new service to the market.


Design & Colors

The illustration style is minimalistic to enhance the clear and concise message. While minimal, there is a level of detail and sophistication used in the illustrations to depict medical objects in a realistic manner.


The colors were selected based on the look and feel we wanted to transmit to the viewer. The hospital scenes show cooler tones to promote a clean, orderly, and sterile environment. The warmer tones served to highlight the city and exterior scenes outside of the hospital. This approach allowed our designer to explore a vast range of possibilities when developing and transitioning between scenes and environments.


The animation is about 3 minutes long and was translated into 7 languages: English, Dutch, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


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