Instruction through animation

How we used animation to launch a digital health platform

Clarifying complex content

When IZZ came to us with this project we knew it was perfectly cut out for us.
The multidisciplinary comms & design effort delivers excellent results when complex information needs to be conveyed in a clear and engaging manner.

The target audience for this animation are current and potential customers of IZZ who are currently struggling with complex, and sometimes uncoordinated, healthcare processes. The launch of Mijnzorgnet.nl, a new digital platform, is supposed to help streamline some of these processes and our task was to help create a compelling video that explains how Mijnzorgnet.nl works.

We find that animation is a great way to tell a story in a connected manner, especially when both instruction and emotion are involved. This approach enables us to focus on the important details of the instruction, removing any possible distractions or irrelevant details. At the same time, we were able to add emotional charge to support the positive message and the ease that comes with the use of this platform.


Clean, bright colours paired with a dynamic voice-over established an informative, formal, but friendly tone.

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